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Hunting for gifted youth is about to begin

The business event ‘Laboratory of Talents’ took place at the office of ACIG Group of Companies on September, 27. Experts of Alliance Consulting announced the results of a large-scale research dedicated to approaches and tools in the market for assessing the potential of employees.

The research organization differed significantly from the practices that are usually used by analysts. Instead of usual questionnaires and surveys, Alliance Consulting experts carried out detailed interviews with top executives and HR directors of more than 60 largest Russian and international leading companies in various industries, both in terms of financial performance and the developed system of work with personnel.

This helped understand the real state of things in the company now, the historical aspect of building a system regarding work with gifted youth, as well as how this system has transformed over the years and why.

The survey says that 43% of companies still have no systematic approach to employee assessments. 57% of companies have succeeded in building this system. 62% of them have already started assessing not only competencies, but also employees’ potential.

Participants of the business event answered the following questions: how much time it would take to make this system perfect, what conditions are necessary for corporate culture and management methods in order to convert routine work with personnel into creative, and what can become a catalyst for this process.

According to experts, it is necessary to create appropriate corporate management culture, set clear strategic goals established in order to understand what employees should be employed, as well as to develop environment for open opportunities and effective corporate talent management.

Meantime, hunting for gifted people is becoming tougher in all segments of business. All companies tend to find the best professionals and employ them. Companies of the real sector should start developing engineering skills at schools in order to employ great specialists in the field of engineering in the future. Only 12% of senior high school students are interested in physics. That means that less than 12% of school graduates can enter technical universities. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss talent management for the next for 10-15 years, thus building alternative career paths for employees.

At the same time, friendliness is the key quality for retail that characterizes successful executives and shifts the vector of HR efforts to a completely different plane.

IT technologies can help digitize the potential and abilities of employees in order to identify and develop true talents.

"Hunting for gifted people is becoming tougher, because today employers need only top class professionals who can propose complex solutions to problems, think critically, be creative and know modern management methods. Those companies that are focused on learning to identify, attract and develop potential, will be among the leaders in their industries," Project Manager of Alliance Consulting, Anna Kosheleva points out.