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ACIG Group of Companies has established its reputation of a reliable and competent consulting partner. Our professionals render consulting services to public and private organizations and state administrative bodies.

Professionalism and command of peculiarities of related processes in the Russian economy enable us to achieve our goals and ensure significant results. Our clients’ projects are supported in compliance with the principles of consistency, individuality, and high quality standards.

We offer the best management technologies and solutions with account for constantly changing conditions in the social, economic, and political fields to our clients.

Despite the variety of completed projects in terms of their industries and areas, they are all united by one feature, namely, they help our clients achieve sustained improvements.


Sustainable development of territories

Strategic management

Priorities of development of Russia and its remote territories include provision of sustainable economic growth and raising living standards of their population. To efficiently fulfill these tasks, development programs that help to optimally utilize the financial, organizational and resource-related potential of Russian regions and cities are required.

We offer development and support of strategic programs for social and economic as well as innovational development, raising investment attractiveness, and development of certain industries.

Improvement of efficiency of state and municipal administration bodies

To ensure social and economic advancement, public sector needs to work efficiently. We implement administration solutions that lead to higher trust on the part of the population, better interdepartmental cooperation, facilitated control of execution of decisions and coordination of divisional operations, and cost reduction in public authorities.

Human resource development

Human resource development is one of the key factors in social and economic development. Efficiency of applied management tools depends on the level of competence of civil servants and their determination to achieve their goals. The objective of our activities is value-related re-orientation of civil servants through motivation for result, improvement of operational discipline and responsibility, stimulation of drive for change, and development of professional competences.

Improvement of efficiency of public and private organizations

We develop strategies that enable efficient utilization of far-reaching possibilities on developed and new markets when operating with the existing and new types of products and services.

  • Elaboration of development programs including forecasting and generation of financial and economic models as well as comprehensive systems of indications that enable control of their implementation.
  • Engineering of new products from their design to production startup.
  • Comprehensive support of M&A including assessment of market value of business, stocks of shares and assets, due diligence, structuring and legal support of deals.

To enable sustained success, mechanisms of business management and control over it on the part of its owners are needed. We create such mechanisms.

  • Systematization of intragroup relations: development and implementation of an efficient legal structure of business and ownership of assets.
  • Control over of subsidiaries and affiliates: increasing transparency and alignment of corporate control systems.

To achieve success in business, efficient strategy and optimal system of administration are not enough. Operational efficiency is required. We will help achieve such efficiency.

  • Cost reduction programs: comprehensive analysis of financial and business operations, reengineering of business processes, implementations of Lean Production to ISO 9000.
  • Marketing support: development and implementation of product and service distribution systems as well as systems for client relations management, improvement of efficiency of sales outlets, performance of research into comprehension of brand or product on the market.

It is easier to prevent troubles than solve problems that occur. With our help, preventive measures become efficient management tools.

  • Arbitration and company law.
  • Security: organization of security service and special-purpose controlled-access record keeping, vetting of legal entities and natural persons, provision of security at facilities.

What can be managed can be measured.

  • Development and introduction of fiscal planning systems with account for specifics of legislation of different judicial fields.
  • Audit and IFRS. Performance of mandatory, tax, and voluntary audit, transformation of fiscal statements and their consolidation in accordance with IFRS, implementation of educational programs for the Russian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Accounting. Consulting for accounting, outsourcing of accounting functions.
  • Assessment of market value of stocks of shares, real property items, fixed assets, and non-inventory property.

An organization is a complex social and economic system. We know how to build a highly-efficient organization.

  • Diagnostics and transformation of organizational culture, changing approaches to management, coaching of management.
  • Psychology of changes: monitoring of personnel reaction to changes, gradual support of changes, reduction of resistance to changes.

It is all about the people.

  • Talent management: development of personnel development programs including performance of human resources audit and comprehensive evaluation of personnel of different levels and competences, development of integrated systems for personnel training and its performance.
  • Implementation of motivational systems.

Social and marketing research

Regional Agency for Social and Marketing Research (RASMI) is a full-service research company that embraces all areas of social life:

  • research into social inequality, demography, migration, education, healthcare
  • research into labor markets,
  • research into customer behavior,
  • research into perception of brand or product on the market,
  • trademark expertise, etc.