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1C to End Support of Payroll and HR Management 2.5

1C has recently announced its plans to end support of 1C: Payroll and HR Management 2.5 since 2018. Recall that the company specializes in distribution, publishing and development of business, entertainment and educational software, as well as support of computer software and databases. According to Sergey Koryakin, Director of the Department of Accounting Systems at Alliance Consulting as part of ACIG Group of Companies, the transition process to the new version 3.1 should be launched ahead of time.

“It is important to understand that if the configuration 1C: Payroll and HR Management 2.5 is not supported, we will not be able to generate reports automatically and submit them. The new version 3.1 has many new useful options for customizing the interface. A lot of different templates are available for users, such as holding of multiple offices, certificate of rendered services, a single document of dismissal, several time schedules, tariff rates and others. The new version will make it possible to carry out qualitatively new types of staff and settlement accounting,” Sergey Koryakin points out.

Alliance Consulting has 15-year-experience in audit of accounting systems, methodological support and implementations. The transition to a new accounting system is a key step towards the automation of personnel records and payroll for enterprises of various sizes.