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About Group

ACIG Group of Companies holds and manages assets in the following areas:

Consulting business focuses on strategic development and raising efficiency of public and private organizations as well as state and municipal authorities, comprehensive support of small and medium businesses.

Media and communications business provides for creative action, unique approach and good mood. We offer out-of-the-box solutions for ordinary issues and we can make a change even where the strictest limits are present.

Construction companies within ACIG Group of Companies perform design and reconstruction of facilities and construction of new industrial, power, administrative and housing facilities, surveys and commissioning, assessment of investment projects.

ACIG Property is a branch of ACIG Group of Companies that specializes in achieving clients’ goals related to residential and commercial property. The company provides Clients with high-quality products by means of innovations, unique technologies, flexible approaches and responsiveness to changes.

Agricultural enterprises in ACIG Group of Companies provide for natural and environmentally sound vegetable and animal-based products.

It is not only the principle of commercial success and business expansion that we are guided by in our work. We commit significant resources to development and practical implementation of initiatives and projects of social importance, among others, Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young professionals and Viable Healthcare interactive discussion platform.

We grow and evolve together with the society, readily share our experience with our partners and believe in the principle of ‘competitive cooperation’. Key principle of success is to never forget that everything is changing and changes are for the good.