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50 participants of Summer Campus Turned into Dwarfs for Three Hours

July 23rd was full of interesting lectures and unusual games for participants of the campus. The Adventurers modeling game, organized by the Youth HR platform Sustainable Future of Russia, was a memorable event.

Young leaders moved to a new world – to the country under the foot of the hill – for three hours." The dangerous journey began, as it was time to find a new king of the dwarfs after the former king failed to defeat the dragon and left his place. The plot of the game reminds of the Tolkien's world with dwarves, elves, orcs and even a huge dragon. The main goal of the game is to win, i.e. to come back home after a dangerous journey with a big sack of gold. The participants were divided into 9 teams of 5 people. We also know that it’s better not to start a journey without supplies and special items of protection. Our heroes had bread, as well as such "saviors" items as an amulet and a hatchet. During the game the participants will be attacked by the orcs. They will also hear elves’ songs. However, the most important thing for teams is not to give up. It occurred that the team remained without resources and failed to continue the game, but dwarfs are magic people and they were able to revive and begin to play again. Moreover, one of the teams managed to become one of the top three teams after the "revival". But it worked only up to the middle of the game. Then the dwarves didn’t have such the ability, as they were too far from home.

"Organizers of the platform entertained participants with the Adventurers game. In spite of simple rules, the game was exciting. All 3 hours of the game were full of competitive spirit, the desire to be faster than opponents and the intention to become the winner,’’ Aleksander Mukhin, the member of the personnel of the Platform in 2016, told about the game.

The problem was complicated by the fact that the game was in the English language. However, it is the basic rule of the Campus. We had to explain some details as simply as possible, but it was not an obstacle in our communication. On the contrary, it added many funny moments to the game and allowed participants to get to know each other better. On the halfway, the participants coped with all problems and just started enjoying the game. They sang, danced and loudly rejoiced when they managed to avoid orcs’ attacks. As a result, thanks to the well thought-out strategy the Vest Five team collected 12,800 gold coins and won the game. They returned home as winners and their leader became the new king of the dwarves.

"It was very interesting to watch the participants’ tactical trip. Each team tried to invent their winning strategy. Despite their worries, they managed to get the feel of their roles. It seemed as if they actually passed through dense forests and arid deserts, defending themselves from attacks by orcs or hiding from elves’ songs. It was good to see such efficiency. It meant that they were really interested in the game and involved in the process," Executive Director of the Platform and Game Moderator, Dmitry Lenkevich, shared his opinion.