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ACIG Consulting Completes Large-Scale Projects, Enters Kommersant, RAEX Ratings

Consulting is one of the key businesses in ACIG Group of Companies. ACIG Consulting has gained a reputation of a reliable and competent partner by offering the best management technologies and solutions to its customers against the background of the constantly changing social, economic and political environment.

In 2014, ACIG Consulting implemented over 250 projects for strategic, legal and fiscal consulting, audit, and accounting consulting.

Along with the high appreciation of the company given by its clients and partners, ACIG Consulting operations in 2014 were distinguished by Kommersant publishing house and RAEX where total receipts of the participating companies from consulting services in the reported period are the key criteria for rating them. Kommersant rating gave the 16th position to ACIG among the largest consulting companies; RAEX assigned the 17th place in the rating of the largest consulting groups, associations and companies. The business also took high positions in their service-specific ratings.

For more information, please refer to Kommersant and RAEX.