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ACIG Employees Participate in Blood Donation

A corporate blood donation day was held in ACIG on 21 July together with an outreach team of the Blood Center of the Federal Biomedical Agency at the initiative of ACIG employees who donate blood on a regular basis. This is the second time that this activity has taken place.

Many ACIG employees have not donated their blood before; however, they took this new experience with enthusiasm, supported this initiative wholeheartedly and expressed their desire to participate in such activities on a regular basis. Some of them have donated their blood before and on numerous occasions. This unity and involvement in this common good cause drew all the donors together.

Blood donation process was organized in a convenient environment in a mobile blood banking station in the office building of ACIG where the experienced transfusiologists promptly performed the procedure.

The involvement of donors in the modern world is very important: doctors have not yet discovered anything that could fully replace blood and its components. This issue is particularly acute in the summertime as many donors take vacations, but the number of those who are in need of blood never wanes.

Social responsibility is one of the core values of ACIG. Blood donation days have become a regular practice in the company, and these will be organized further in future.