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ACIG Group of Companies and Sustainable Future of Russia Platform Take Part in the Career Marathon of Tomsk State University

Alexey Shipov, Member of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies and Managing Director of the Sustainable Future of Russia platform, told students at the marathon about the Group’s consulting activities in Russia, the ACIG Leadership Institute and the platform for young professionals ‘Sustainable Future of Russia’, a professional “elevator” for young people

Delivering his speech Alexey Shipov touched upon different areas of the group’s consulting activities in Russia, including management consulting and consulting services rendered to public organizations.  The expert told students about the structure and specific features of consulting practices relying on the presentation featuring photos of day-to-day work of the company’s employees.

“The goal was to show students the structure of consulting from its network to project management processes, consultants’ work based on specific examples related to certain enterprises, the way they organize work during their business trips and study the production process, etc. This is what consultants actually face during their work”, Alexey Shipov concluded.

Besides, the expert informed students of the social environment and the corporate microclimate at ACIG, the skills and knowledge a young specialist should have for successful work for a large modern company.

“We are now forming a new institute, namely, the ACIG Leadership Institute, bringing together proactive young people that are experts in their field with valuable knowledge and willing to share it on the company’s external platforms”, Alexey Shipov explained.  “On the other hand, we have the young professionals’ platform where we select young talents, the so-called Hi-Pos (high potential), assessing their competences. One of the company’s top-priority areas of work is establishment of an efficient integrated system for selection and management of talented people”.

The visit envisaged business meetings of ACIG representatives with the management of Tomsk State University dedicated to aspects of further cooperation. Specifically, ACIG Group of Companies expressed its interest in including the Company into the list of potential employers cooperating with the university, as well as in the university’s participation in the work of the platform and research on subjects relevant for young people. Research findings are expected to be presented at the ceremony of awarding platform winners during the Gaidar Forum.