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Aleksey Shipov Speaks at Summer Camp 2015

Member of the Board of ACIG and Managing Director of Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young talented professionals Aleksey Shipov held a workshop on the subject of goal setting on the third day of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy 2015 covering the topic “Territory of Opportunities: Ideas. Values. Knowledge”. He was joined by Vice President Sustainable Business & Communications NAMET RUB & Africa, Global SB & Communications Capability & Training at Unilever Irina Bakhtina and USLP Manager at Unilever Irina Antyushina.

Various activities and case studies to help young people determine their priority values were offered. Students participating in the Campus designed a ‘state of the future’ and the workshop experts presented a systematic model that translates their values into a model of the state. They were given a set of tools for structured operation of the goals based on the Balanced ScoreCard approach. Mr. Shipov talked about how this approach is applied by business and adapted to social projects. In spite of complexity of this issue, expert communication with the workshop students was active and open.

The speakers shared their corporate and client-related experience and explained how goals are set in large-scale companies. They also talked about the features, qualities and competences one should have to be in demand in the modern world. Ms. Bakhtina and Ms. Antyushina illustrated their point with Unilever’s interaction with the winner of Sustainable Future of Russia contest Danila Kozlov. They emphasized that the main reason for his success is not only a well-developed project, but also his professionalism and the fact that he is a responsible citizen.

The experience of the platform as a striking example of socially responsible activities based on the values of ACIG was presented. The history and activities of the platform awoke the interest of many students who may become its participants in 2016.

“I am very pleased with the opportunity to interact with out ‘sustainable future’, that is, our young people, on numerous occasions related to the platform, in RANEPA, at other events and activities. Experts of the consulting business of ACIG perfectly understand that we are all part of a large and complicated system including departments, companies and country, and everyone bears responsibility for the wellbeing of this system. This is why we gladly share out experience and knowledge with young people, show them certain case studies, prepare them for adult life. This is our value set. This is our contribution to development of our country. We feel happy when we do this,” Mr. Shipov said after the workshop.