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Aleksey Shipov Takes Part in the SAP Press Conference

SAP, one of the world leading companies in the field of software and cloud technologies development, held a press conference on September 15, 2015. Aleksey Shipov, Member of Board of ACIG Group of Companies and Managing Director of the Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young professionals, took part in this event dedicated to opening in Moscow the first Data center; all information about SAP clients will be transferred there. Representatives of major companies such as MTS, AEB, PWC, and ACIG Group of Companies shared experience of applying cloud solutions in their business.

Mr. Shipov told about using SuccessFactors (SAP software product) as a basis of the Platform’s internal portal. During his speech he paid much attention to opportunities fulfilled within the portal, which have primary importance for achieving the key goals of the Sustainable Future of Russia platform.

“Five hundred young talented people took part in the Platform in 2014. This year Supervisory Board of the Platform confirmed 1500 participants, next year the number will be 3000. We were looking for ways to speed up and improve all our operational processes. We need to organize Project work and communication with experts in the unified environment, taking into account that our geography is from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. This is hard to do by mail or phone without losing the talent development target. SF is the solution which creates a unified environment of profitable communication”, specified Aleksey Shipov. 

Nowadays, the portal based on SuccessFactors is an efficient platform for work and interaction, helps to maintain horizontal communication between participants, experts and management of the Platform. Moreover, this portal is a repository of data on hundreds of new talents from more than 50 regions of Russia. Participants’ profiles contain information about their competence, development and success. Thanks to reliable software SuccessFactors this information is secure.

“We congratulate SAP Company with opening of the Data center and transferring all databases of national companies to our country”, Aleskey Shipov said. –We are happy that information of Russian new talents now will be stored in Russia”.

For more information please visit the Platform’s website