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Alliance Consulting Celebrates Results of 2016 RAEX Consulting Companies Ranking

RAEX Agency has released its annual ranking of the top consulting groups and companies. The main indicator is company's total revenue generated from consulting services during the study period.

Alliance Consulting of ACIG Group of Companies (Alliance Consulting Investment Group) ranked number 11 among Russia’s largest consulting companies in 2016.

Alliance Consulting performs strongly in individual consulting services. The company won the 1st place in strategy consulting, and the respective 2nd ranks in human resources consulting, marketing and public relations consulting, and consulting in the goods and services market. Excellent tax consulting expertise advanced the company to the 5th place. Alliance Consulting captured the respective 8th and 10th positions in finance management consulting and IT consulting (administrative consulting).

We believe this impressive achievement is possible due to the hard-earned reputation of a reliable and credible partner that provides its clients with the best management strategies and solutions tailored to suit the ever-changing social, economic and political environment.

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