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Property management and advantages of confidential property management

If you own a flat, a country house, premises, or any other property, you can easily rent it out. It's no secret that a property owner has to regularly pay tax, utility bills, etc. If you want to avoid this then you can sell your property at a really good price. However, it is also possible to establish a profitable business that allows gradually increase your income. Our colleagues will tell you in this article how to rent your property out and save your time and money.  

Your property can help improve your financial stability.

It is unnecessary to rent out your property yourself. The easiest way is to use services of a professional company.

The company is responsible for renting out your property, and you will receive regular income. It is a classic way of passive income. Certainly, some of the financial revenues will be paid to the company as a fee for services rendered.

Property development functions are reasonably differentiated between the owner and the service providing company. The owner’s task is to find a reliable and competent mediator who can defend his interests.

All management functions are delegated to competent employees. The owner is responsible for strategy decisions. Our employee acts on behalf of the owner and introduces his proposals if necessary to increase income or improve service conditions.

Key advantages of confidential property management:

  • Saving owners’ time and energy;
  • Increasing property competitiveness in the real estate market;
  • Our professionals are responsible for the legal aspect when renting out your property;
  • Careful monitoring of the property condition by our manager and prevention of improper use of property or property damage.

Earlier, objects of foreign property were mainly transferred to confidential property management. This type of service is gaining popularity in the domestic housing market of Russia and the CIS countries.

It is much easier to entrust your property to a competent employee than to search for tenants, select reliable candidates, sign contracts, charge fees monthly, listen to complaints of neighbors, etc.

In the case of detached management, all these issues are entrusted to a professional company that has a long standing experience and knows how to satisfy all participants.


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