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CMIT Superlab and Strategy Journal at 16th International Investment Fund in Sochi

The Investment Forum of Russia took place on February 27-28th, 2017 at Main Media Centre of the Sochi Olympic Park. Strategy Journal and CMIT SuperLab within ACIG Group of Companies took an active part in the Forum.

CMIT SuperLab was our calling-card at the You’re an Entrepreneur exhibition. An exposition of CMITs in Russia was represented at the event for young entrepreneurs in order to they could learn more about equipment, products and the program for stimulating innovative creativity and technological entrepreneurship in Russia. The event was attended by Head of CMIT SuperLab, Antonina Yegorova, and PR specialist Olga Sedlova. In addition, the employees participated in a round table dedicated to projects of CMITs in Russia. The head of the executive committee Young Innovative Russia acted as a moderator of the roundtable,” says Head of AIRR projects, Anna Bukhalo.

My Russia puzzle map developed by SuperLab, a lot of handicrafts and demonstration materials for coursework programs were represented at the Forum. During the two days, the center staff gathered statistics how much time it took the participants to match pieces of the puzzle-map of Russia. Students of the Russian Academy of Sciences won the competition, collecting the puzzle-map in 17 minutes. The representatives of CMIT SuperLab also visited the newly opened SIRIUS Educational Centre, saw around laboratories of prototyping, microelectronics, biohacking and other professions of the future, tried to chat with artificial intelligence and learned about bionic art objects.

Antonina Yegorova,

Head of CMIT Superlab

It is always a big event for us to participate in the Investment Forum, as we have an opportunity to tell wide public about centers for youth innovation creativity. It also means that people show a growing interest in our activities in Russia. Globally speaking, their consciousness is changing and they have the desire to make engineering professions more popular. We told about centers for youth innovation creativity in Russia, about our CMIT in particular, and drew attention of the Forum participants to our new product – My Russia puzzle map. It is nice to see that people show a keen interest and want to receive feedback. We realized what we need to improve and how to move on in order to create an attractive product. We also visited SIRIUS Educational Centre where we went back to our childhood and appreciated the true worth of the infrastructure that is available now to young innovators. The ability to broaden project horizons and meet people who are interested in the success of our project always inspires us and brings positive impressions.



Recall, the project for the establishment of CMIT in Russia was initiated in 2012. At present, special attention is given to making young people interested in innovative activities and providing free access to high-tech equipment. CMIT Superlab was opened in 2016 and now it is involved in developing design activities in various areas of science and technology. Priority is given to such areas as rocket engineering and biomechanics. CMIT Superlab creates a unique atmosphere and implements various projects and ideas.

Strategy Journal is an information partner of the Investment Forum for the second consecutive year. It is one of the main platforms organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

Darya Kichigina,

Executive Editor at Strategy Journal

The most intensive part of our work was during the main days of the forum on February 27-28th. In general, our business trip was very efficient. It is also worth noting that our participation in such events makes Strategy Journal more interesting and expands readership.



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