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Congratulations on the Academy’s Day

Dear friends,

On behalf of ACIG Group of Companies,  I would like to offer you our sincere congratulations on the Academy’s Day. Today, RANEPA—one of the most respected and recognized universities not only in Russia, but also in Europe—is celebrating its birthday. It is difficult to overestimate RANEPA’s contribution to educating specialists with relevant skills for the public sector and commercial structures.

RANEPA graduates are in demand in all spheres of our economy. They hold leading positions both in business and in public service. This clearly shows the highest quality of RANEPA’s educational programs, and professionalism of academic staff.

I would like also congratulate students of the Academy, especially freshmen. You can learn from the experience of those people, who have already achieved success in the public service or business, and follow own professional way at the same time. Do not be afraid of facing challenges and improving your professional skills!

I am sure that your extensive knowledge and mutual assistance will become a reliable pillar that open career prospects at all stages of your professional growth.

Wishing students, professors and graduates of RANEPA success in their all new beginnings. Set ambitious goals and do your best to reach them.

RANEPA Board of Trustees Chairman, Chairman of Supervisory Board at ACIG Group of Companies, Victor Tolmachev.