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GREA Annual Meeting Takes Place in Berlin

The representative office of the Free State of Saxony under the Federal Government of Germany has hosted the annual meeting of the German-Russian Economic Alliance (GREA). The event was attended by participants of Russian and German companies involved in bilateral economic cooperation. Mikhail Prokudin, head of International Relations Department at ACIG Group of Companies and a board member of GREA, promoted interests of ACIG Group of Companies at the meeting.

The participants discussed cooperation among member companies in various fields, expressed their views on organizational transformation of the Alliance, summed up the results of 2016, and submitted a work plan for the current year.

Representatives of the Russian and German business communities stressed the necessity to interact on the basis of a joint platform, representing their common interests. This is the main goal of the Alliance that actively promotes the development of mutually beneficial relations between the Russian and German business.

At the beginning of the discussion, State Secretary of the Free State of Saxony under the Federal Government of Germany, Erhard Weimann delivered a welcoming speech. Advisor, Envoy of the Russian Federation Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany, Head of the Trade and Economic Bureau, Yuri Stetsenko, spoke on “Russian-German economic relations in difficult times: relevant condition, problems and prospects,” touching upon such relevant issues as anti-Russian sanctions, interregional cooperation, cooperation in the field of science and medicine, and development mechanisms of relations.

The 8th European Air Transport Congress will take place on June 26, 2017 in St. Petersburg in the context of Air Show MAKS 2017.

Recall that the German-Russian Economic Alliance was founded in January 2003. The organization was registered as a union in accordance with the Law of Germany. GREA unites Russian and German companies and enterprises on a voluntary basis.