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ACIG Group of Companies Becomes Co-organizer of International Conference on Long-term Development

In early October, Berlin hosted the international conference "Russia and Germany: Mutual interests – shared responsibility". The event was organized by ACIG Group of Companies and the German-Russian Economic Alliance (GREA). The latter organization has been actively working in Germany in the field of economic relations between the two countries for 15 years. Mikhail Prokudin, Head of the Division for International Relations in ACIG Group of Companies and Member of the German-Russian Economic Association Board, was an official representative of ACIG Group of Companies.

During the meeting, representatives of Russian and German business circles discussed possible mechanisms of support and development of bilateral economic cooperation on innovation in today's geopolitical environment. The conference livened the productive dialogue between the two countries, preserved mutual confidence in business partners at these difficult times and helped to receive relevant information about possible global and regional trends. Following the results of the discussion, the participants developed and adopted a final document with recommendations to German and Russian businessmen for the development of business relations and strengthening of economic cooperation.

Another important outcome of the international conference was the decision on the issue of an electronic collection of articles, presentations and recommendations "The international community: common interests and responsibilities, integration and development prospects". The electronic publication No. ISBN 978-386297-0148 will be developed and published in the National Library of Germany. All conference attendees, interested parties and individuals will receive a access to the collection.

About 120 experts from Russia, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland attended the international dialogue on issues of mutual business interests. The main speakers of the event were representatives of the German and Russian business, a number of chambers of commerce from both countries, as well as state and regional authorities.