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Lipetsk Oblast embraces the buildup of innovation

On 4 August, Oleg Korolev, the governor of Lipetsk Oblast, conducted a field meeting focused on the industrial sector performance in H1 2017 as a part of the conference “Modern industry: industrial and technological infrastructure as a cornerstone of Lipetsk Oblast investment development”.

The meeting flagged that the growth rate of industry in the region exceeded the national average. In particular, the oblast holds 102.9% index of industrial production, while the Russian average was 102%. 118 large and medium-sized factories have been put into operation in the last 12 years.

“Today the region enjoys high rates of industrial development. It is important to preserve and build them up, increasing the share of innovative products,” said Oleg Korolev.

Also, the official noted that alternative energy and new environmental technologies will be among principal components of the oblast’s industry development. Oleg Korolev ordered to develop an expanded program of state support for businesses operating in these areas. A science and technology machine-tool center and another industrial park will appear in the region.

The meeting was attended by Director of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, Vice-Rector of RANEPA Ivan Fedotov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the ACIG Group of Companies, member of the Board of Trustees of RANEPA Viktor Tolmachev, Deputy Director of the Department for Regional Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Tsukanov and Director of the Federal Industry Development Fund Roman Petrutsa.

In his speech, Ivan Fedotov reported that the industrial production practices tested in Lipetsk Oblast have entered the handbook published under the auspices of the association last year. He noted that over the years of studying the economic potential of the region, AIRR never observed industrial decline here. This is the result of competent work of the regional management team, the expert said.

Several cooperation agreements were signed at the end of the conference, including between the administration of Lipetsk Oblast and the Industry Development Fund. Beyond that, Oleg Korolev bestowed the leaders of several companies with participation certificates of the Lipetsk-Technopolus special economic zone.


Invest-Foresight magazine 2016 ratings made public that Lipetsk Oblast placed seventh among the Russian regions in investment promotion.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives data show that the region ranked 14th in the Investment Climate Index (34th place in 2015). The volume of investment in fixed assets in H1 2017 totaled 68.9 billion rubles, 59.6 thousand rubles investment per capita.

Photo by Nikolai Cherkasov