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Training Session of "Sustainable Future of Russia" Platform for Young Professionals at U-NOVUS Forum

The active discussion "Portrait of a young Russian leader" has opened a series of events organized by the "Sustainable Future of Russia" Platform for Young Professionals on the sidelines of the Third Youth Forum U-NOVUS. The attention was focused on the level of preparation of graduates and expectations of companies and governments, who are interested in attracting gifted employees. Aleksey Shipov, Managing Director of the "Sustainable Future of Russia" Platform for Young Professionals, presented results of the major research of the youth labor market, conducted by ACIG Group of Companies and the Platform. These data reflected a significant gap between the vision of the situation from the viewpoint of students, universities and employers. According to Aleksey Shipov, this problem forces to find forms of cooperation among educational institutions, business companies, governments and gifted representatives of youth. "Sustainable Future of Russia" Platform for Young Professionals unites all players in the youth labor market together and helps them to find common areas of contact.

In the format of an active dialogue session, experts and participants of the event discussed the most needed skills of young professionals, as well as the key qualities, which are necessary for successful employment. Students, representatives of universities and employers exchanged their views about current problems of professional and personal training of graduates. Viktor Tolmachev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at ACIG Group of Companies, Irina Antyushina, Program Manager for Unilever's Sustainable Development, Igor Belousov, Director of the SAP University Alliances, Tatiana Korotina, Head of the Post-graduate and Doctoral Candidacy departments at TUSUR, Irada Bagirova, Deputy head of Strategic Partnership at TSU, Natalia Schreiber, Deputy General Director for HR and organizational development at "Micran" participated in the discussion as experts.

The session was continued with an interactive lecture by Igor Belousov, Director at SAP University Alliances in Russia and the CIS. Thanks to him, the participants of the event learned how digital technologies change lives of ordinary people, as well as assessed their impact on improvement of business efficiency. Those things that were unreal yesterday are actively being implemented now in almost all areas: coaches can make decisions about strategy of their athletes with the help of sensors, augmented reality goggles help to find the right box at a huge warehouse, the owner can sent car’s keys to his friend via the phone. For full-immersion in the topic, Igor Belousov, gave a master class on creation of a simple mobile app for Android right at the lecturer room. Thus, he underlined the availability of modern technologies.

Both days of the session consisted of a block of on-site design reviews, which put in a claim for participation in the Platform for Young Professionals. Students and young scientists from Tomsk presented initiatives dedicated to digital technologies in the fields of medicine and education, implementation of lean production principles, solution oto issues with training of young people. All authors received feedback from experts – valuable recommendations and practical advice in respect of the development and further advancement of ideas. The deadline was extended until May 25 in order to young people could complete draft projects taking into account expert opinions and then submit them to the Platform for Young Professionals.