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Participants of Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals Visit ACIG Group of Companies

Participants of the Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young professionals,who are undertaking internships in the State Duma, visited ACIG Group of Companies on September 10, 2015. Five young people from Moscow, Sudak, Simferopol and Ulyanovsk met the Platform’s management, shared impressions of their internships and visited a staff appraisal internal training.

Karina Airapetova, Ruslan Makarov, Yury Krasnov, Evgeny  Kataev and David Gevorgyan managed to take internships as s result of selection, performed by the Platform administration, and CV contest. The winners were selected by Duma fraction representatives. Majority of guys work in the Press Service, but some of them work directly with members of parliament.

Young people who visited ACIG took part in the internal workshop, regularly held for the company’s employees.  Anna Kosheleva, Staff Consulting Department Project Manager, told about Assessment-center as a staff appraisal tool. Young people learned about complex and interesting work of trainers, performing competence appraisal of major companies’ staff, and practiced to solve one case by themselves.

Under trainer’s supervision they learned the rules to be followed in hard situations, for example, how to hear and listen to everyone, work in team and aim to reach the common result. This experience will enhance everything they have learned during two weeks of their internships in Moscow.

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