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Practice Session Themed “Young People of the Sustainable Future” Takes Place in Tula

The event took place on March 11 on the premises of Tula State University. The students of the city’s educational institutions along with the representatives of government authorities, business and university administration discussed issues associated with career building and learned about the possibilities offered by the Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals.

Practice sessions of the Platform for Young Professionals allow talented young people to communicate with the representatives of government authorities, business and higher education institutions, obtain expert opinion on the relevant issues and take part in the master classes and simulation games. The session in Tula held on March 11 enabled participants to get acquainted with career growth possibilities and discuss the problems and prospects of graduates and young specialists’ self-fulfillment.

Alexey Shipov, Managing Director of the Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals, opened the session by presenting the results of the youth labor market survey to the audience and told about the young candidates’ traits that are first of all appreciated by large companies.

“Out of five top competences modern employers consider teamwork to be of primary importance”, Alexey underlined. “Then comes commitment to results, ability to learn, professional assessment and systems thinking”.

Alexey told how the Platform for Young Professionals helps to form and refine the most important traits of a modern professional. He invited proactive students to take part in the work of the Platform. Participants’ registration opened in January 2016 and will last until May. Finalists of the multi-stage selection will be conferred not only a study grant, but also a chance to be invited for work or probation with one of the partner companies.

Demand for competences and possibilities for their development were further discussed by the participants of the open dialogue “the Portrait of a Young Talent of Russia”. Prospects and possibilities of forging a career in business or public administration were debated in the form of a live dialogue with students. Experts at the discussion were Deputy Governor of the Tula Region Vyacheslav Fedorishchev, Vice-Rector of Tula State University Eduard Temnov, Manager for Sustainable Development Programs, Charity and Funds at Unilever in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Irina Antyushina, director of the Tula-based Unilever factory Konstantin Voytikov and Managing Director of the Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals Alexey Shipov. 

It appears that businesses, authorities and higher education institutions represented at the meeting by experts have a different idea of a young talent. Thus, Irina Antyushina emphasized the importance of leadership skills and told about the leadership standards adopted at Unilever and applied by the company to assess staff both at the stage of an interview and in subsequent work for the company. Konstantin Voytikov, Director of the Tula-based Unilever factory, highlighted the important ability to develop communication within a team.

 Eduard Temnov, Vice-Rector for educational work at Tula State University, pointed out that it was important to foster confidence and proactiveness in young specialists.

“After I received a degree I also thought about things that could help me unlock my potential in the profession”, Vyacheslav Fedorishchev shared the secrets of his professional growth. “And I realized that this was project work. It is true, project activities will help you test the knowledge you acquired at the university or college in a proper way. Ability to work on projects will help you in any sphere”.

Vyacheslav pointed out that the government of the Tula Region staked on young people and wished the participants of the session to work actively on ideas and projects within the Platform for young professionals. He also expressed his hope for seeing students from Tula among the winners of 2016.