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Moscow Hosts Sustainable Future of Russia Platform Session

The practical session was held on 9 to 10 April. It was organized by ACIG and RANEPA. Anton Chuklin, Member of the Supervisory Board of ACIG and Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, opened the event with a welcoming address.

The Platform was presented on the first day where the session participants found out about its key topics and the opportunities it gives. Then, young people participated in interactive activities and trainings.

The session included the qualification phase of the contest Young Professionals for Sustainable Future of Russia. The contest panel included the experts of ACIG, namely, Dmitry Mikhaylov, Director for Marketing; Svetlana Fazulyanova, Head of Social Projects; and Igor Maksimov, Project Manager of the Department for Management Consulting.

Irina Bakhtina, Vice President Sustainable Business & Comms NAMET RUB & Africa, Global SB & Comms Capability & Training at Unilever, and Anna Osharova, Director General at Crowdlife, gave their lectures on the second day. Ms. Bakhtina talked about leadership in the current conditions of continuing instability and the requirements that the business community imposes on leaders and what the most important thing by team building is.

Ms. Osharova lectured about crowd-funding. Her lecture kindled the interest of the session participants. She talked about multiple successful examples of startups and social projects which received support at various crowd-funding platforms.

Young people got a chance to explain their ideas related to the topics of the Platform to the invited experts. The latter gave their consultations and recommendations.

They will solidify and enrich the knowledge and skills obtained at the session through development, defense and further implementation of their projects.