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Project administration and digital economy development

Kursk is set to host the sixth Central Russian Economic Forum on 16-17 June under name “Modern Economy in the digital environment”. Experts will discuss the advantages and problems of introducing the digital economy in Central Russia, what measures must be taken to ensure that the e-transformation serves to benefit the whole society.

In addition to the plenary session, eight discussion panels are arranged, with one devoted to project activities in the field of public administration. The panel will talk about a comprehensive approach to building a project management system, a project selection methodology to implement a regional development strategy, and the creation of regional project offices. The discussion will be joined by Head of the Center for Change Management of RANEPA and partner of Alliance Consulting Aleksey Shipov.

“I would like to discuss with my colleagues a topic that, as it seem, sometimes goes by the wayside. We talk much about the tools and technologies of project management; meanwhile, the psychological aspect is often overlooked. This is critical, though. Are people ready for the introduction of new technologies that would change their ways greatly? How will established project teams react to the changes they bring and how should they work? Logically, regional personnel offices, which will have to adopt lean HR technologies, should play a significant role in the search for answers to these questions”, said Aleksey Shipov.

Speaking about the topic of the Central Russian Economic Forum, the partner of Alliance Consulting noted that the viable implementation of the most well-though and elaborate strategy requires an effective management system. Any process change is a project, so project management becomes relevant, including from the point of view of the introduction of digital technologies.

The coordinators expect more than 2,500 delegates to participate in the forum. In 2016, participants from 23 Russian regions and 13 foreign countries attended the event. The forum features four international exhibitions, eight discussion panels and a competition of projects of young scientists and entrepreneurs of Central Russia. Business Contacts Exchange will be available.