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RANEPA and ACIG to Help Voronezh Region with Strategic Planning

On February 11, Governor Alexey Gordeev met with the heads of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) and ACIG Group of Companies.

The meeting was also attended by Gennady Makin, Deputy Governor and Head of the Governor’s Office and Administration of the Voronezh Region; Oleg Mosolov, Head of the region’s Department of Education, Science and Youth Policy and Viktor Masko, Deputy Head of the Governor’s Office and Administration of the region and Head of the Civil Service and Personnel Administration Department.

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration was represented by its vice rector, member of the RANEPA Academic Council, director of the High School of Public Administration of RANEPA, Dmitry Butashin; Director of the Center for Modern HR Technologies of the High School of Public Administration, RANEPA, Dmitry Podolsky; dean of the Faculty of Assessment and Development of Management Personnel at the High School of Public Administration, RANEPA, Ilya Sheburakov; and Director of the Voronezh branch of RANEPA Evgeny Podvalny. Other participants included Alexander Plakida, Deputy Chairman of the Board at ACIG Group of Companies and Alexey Shipov, member of the ACIG Board and head of the Public Sector practice.

The main item on agenda was the prospects of collaboration of the Academy, ACIG and the Voronezh Region administration for the development of the region’s HR potential. Issues discussed included ensuring qualified management personnel for civil service, systems of diagnostics and assessment of civil servants’ performance, as well as disclosing reserves and their application. Alexey Gordeev pointed out that the Voronezh Region along with many other regions of the Russian Federation suffers from some shortage of skilled managers and especially at the municipal level.

"To my mind, one of its reasons is that the social elevator between the municipal, regional and federal levels is not functioning or operating poorly. It should be reactivated. Constant growth, education, improvement in work are essential", the governor emphasized.

He also underlined the fact that the environment graduates find themselves in is underestimated in the contemporary systems of personnel preparation for civil service and this first of all refers to young people. It needs to be aligned with the existing challenges and conditions.

Dmitry Butashin and Alexander Plakida presented to the governor their proposals on the possible cooperation with the Voronezh Region in the field of the elaboration of strategic planning documents. RANEPA is the leader in strategic development of territories and regions, individual sectors and branches, as well as in regional development management. The Academy brings together professional experts and has a vast experience in implementing regional and municipal development projects. ACIG Group of Companies is Russia’s leader in strategic and operational consulting and partner of RANEPA. It has competencies in the development and management of business systems, as well as experience in expert evaluation of management systems at commercial and state organizations.

Alexey Gordeev noted that the Voronezh Region is interested in the development of this area and assigned specialized structural subdivisions to consider the possibility and technology of cooperation among the Academy, ACIG Group of Companies and the regional administration.