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RANEPA Rector presented graduates with honors diplomas at a solemn ceremony

On July 6, RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau presented graduates of the Moscow campus and RANEPA branches with honors diplomas at a solemn ceremony at RANEPA.

Vladimir Mau welcomed participants of the ceremony and congratulated the graduates personally and on behalf of the Academy: “You are the best. You have managed to enter and graduate from RANEPA.” Rector told about the necessity for graduates to continue their education, adding that the Academy has a lot of programs based on the principle of continuing education. Vladimir Mau also invited graduates to come to RANEPA to see their teachers in the future.

The Academy gives not only good fundamental, but also applied education. RANEPA graduates have great professional competences. "We are proud of our graduates, especially when they make good careers, Vladimir Mau noted at the ceremony. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that not only subject areas, but also management systems are changing rapidly now. Technologies have a significant impact on the management process in today's world.”

State effectiveness directly depends on applied administrative technologies. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out new educational programs. "Taking into account the tasks set by the Government of the Russian Federation and President of the Russian Federation, concerning qualitative types of managerial education, especially the education of civil servants, we have started developing programs for training specialists in the field of the blockchain technology," RANEPA Rector pointed out. "It is the most important technology aimed at improving state efficiency that will play a key role in 10-15 years in the field of public administration."

Vladimir Mau promised that Academy students will have an opportunity to learn about the blockchain technology and acquire other relevant skills.

Following successful completion of courses, 514 graduates (50 graduates of the Academy’s branches and 444 graduates of the Moscow RANEPA campus) received honors diplomas at the solemn ceremony.

Over 1,300 students of the Academy's branches across the country were presented with honors diplomas this year. RANEPA consists of 58 branches located in 49 regions of Russia.

RANEPA is one of the leading universities in Russia and a recognized educational leader in the world. The most successful areas of professional training in the main campus of the Academy (Moscow) in 2017 are: management - 73 honors diplomas, economics - 62 honors diplomas, GMU (central and local government) - 56 honors diplomas, jurisprudence - 33 honors diplomas, economic security - 26 honors diplomas, advertising and public relations - 16 honors diplomas.

RANEPA branches maintain high training standards. The largest number of honors diplomas were awarded graduates from the following RANEPA branches: North-West Institute of Management branch - 187 honors diplomas, Stolypin Povolzhsky Institute of Management - 178 honors diplomas, South-Russian Institute of Management - 97 honors diplomas, Volgograd Institute of Management - 90 honors diplomas, Siberian Institute of Management - 72 honors diplomas, the Lipetsk branch - 72 honors diplomas. Most in-demand areas of professional training are: GMU (central and local government) - 279 honors diplomas, jurisprudence - 142 honors diplomas, economics - 138 honors diplomas, management - 86 honors diplomas, personnel management - 60 honors diplomas.

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