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Registration Opens for Platform for Young Professionals

Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals by ACIG Group of Companies launches the 6th annual registration of youth pioneer projects.

Traditionally, ACIG Group of Companies and RANEPA co-organize the contest, and among the partners are Unilever and a first-time participant, Tula Oblast. This year the coordinators have maximized the range of participation opportunities by picking subjects from completely different areas.

The participants are offered the following topics:

  • Ideal Higher Education System by ACIG Group of Companies;
  • Civil Use of Small Aircrafts and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by the Government of Tula Oblast;
  • Effective Management in State and Municipal Authorities of the Russian Federation by RANEPA.
  • New Technologies in Food Processing Industry: Addressing Issues of Food Safety, while Ensuring Decent Quality of Consumer Life and Health by Unilever.

The participants must select one of the four subjects, draw up an idea of the project and register on the platform’s official website: The application period is from February 6 to May 1, 2017.

Customarily, the contest is divided into four stages:

  1. Registration of the participants, evaluation of competencies and project ideas, selection of the best within each topic.
  2. Scholarship program, advancement of proposed ideas into projects under the guidance of experts.
  3. Qualification of the best projects to the finals, defense of the works before the Expert board and awarding.
  4. Inclusion of the graduates of the platform in a succession pool for the country's largest employers.

Yet we recall that the Platform for Young Professionals brings together young leaders of Russia, lays down the grounds for their self-realization and generates a succession pool for the country's sustainable development. Among the partners are largest for-profit organizations, public authorities, leading universities and representatives of the expert community. Annually, thousands of students and graduates from all over Russia join the platform. The educational program and work with experts bridge the gap between the level of training of young specialists and expectations of contemporary employers. The platform graduates find it easier to get work; and the Platform partners, to find employees. The final of the contest is traditionally held at the Gaidar Forum, key political and economic event in Russia.