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Sergey Naryshkin, Vladimir Mau, RANEPA Board of Trustees Present Diplomas with Honors to Academy Graduates

RANEPA graduates received their degrees with honors during the solemn ceremony on 8 July. They were congratulated on this occasion by the Chair of the Russian State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, RANEPA Rector and members of RANEPA Board of Trustees in person.

The ceremony was commenced by Rector Mau. “Every year, I repeat that the Academy caters for all ages, for you, your family and friends. I congratulate you, and I do not want to say goodbye. I want to welcome you. And the sooner you come back the better!” he said, while expressing his confidence that many of the present graduates will continue their education in RANEPA.

Chair of RANEPA Board of Trustees Chair Naryshkin said his parting words to the graduates of its Moscow school and branches. He congratulated them on the completion of the study course and presented their diplomas with honors to them.

He drew the attention of the graduates to the fact they are entering a new stage of their career development, and this ceremony proves that they have achieved this already. “Societies and states are developing very rapidly. With electronic communication media readily available, there is a pressing need for systematic in-depth knowledge. A person weaponed with knowledge is bellipotent,” Mr. Naryshkin said, quoting Maksim Gorky.

He talked about the evident need for new-generation professionals who can “think in a non-standard way, have an innovative way of thinking, able to see and determine the most important in any issue, without forgetting about the essential details”. He emphasized that public service will always need professionals who love their country, who are aware and proud of its history, culture, who want it to develop. “I am confident that your class of graduates is exactly like this. I am truly happy for you and congratulate you on your graduation,” he said.

Members of RANEPA Board of Trustees joined his speech. Chair of the Supervisory Board of ACIG Viktor Tolmachev wished the graduates interesting work and reminded that time is what is the most important, adding that they should “make the best use of it”. “No-one is more important than your parents, teachers and friends,” he said. “You will face the need to choose and responsibility. You used to rely on someone else’s decisions, but everything will change now. Strong and free people choose responsibility,” General Director of Cotton Way Aleksandr Utkin offered to contemplate on a popular opinion about the happier time: student life or the life that the graduates are only about to enter.

“Your approach is most important. I wish you being open and not scared of changing yourselves. I wish you success and happiness and congratulate you on this occasion,” Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Otkritie" Financial Corporation Ruben Aganbegyan said, wishing them never giving up learning in their life.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Aeroflot and Managing Partner of Altera Capital investment company Kirill Androsov said that the day of graduation is one of the most interesting days in their life and gave his valediction briefly: He said that they should do what they like, remember that education is one of the most fascinating things in their life, choose a worthy leader in their professional life, never do unpaid work, never stop dreaming, create something new and believe in themselves. “Godspeed! The Board of Trustees of the Academy will keep their fingers crossed for you. We wish each of you bore the title of the Academy graduates with dignity,” Mr. Androsov finished his speech.

Five hundred graduates of RANEPA were presented with degrees with honors.

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