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Simferopol Hosts Youth for Sustainable Development

Open session, entitled Youth for Sustainable Future, was held on 5 to 7 May under the auspices of the Russian Federation Ministry for Crimean Affairs. It was organized by ACIG Group of Companies and RANEPA. Students of higher-education institutions of this region participated in discussions and practical and educational activities of the event. The most active and competent young people will get a chance to become interns in the Ministry based on the results of the session.

The session started with a discussion, entitled Development of Initiatives of Young People in the Context of Priority Development of the Crimea and Sevastopol, with Elena Abramova, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Crimean Affairs, and Shirukhan Gadzhimuradov, Director of the Consolidated Department for Monitoring of Economic and Social Support Activities, as its participants.

The students were given an opportunity to personally ask their questions and express their opinion on the prospects for the regional development.

After the discussion, the organizers proposed the participants to try their hand in a simulation game.

Young participants presented their projects to the session experts during these two days. Authors of the winning projects were invited to further participate in the Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young professionals. They will go through an internal competitive selection procedure and some unique educational activities.

“Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol were integrated into Russia last year. This means that young people in this region have to be integrated into the development processes of the federal scale. The potential of young people from this peninsula is significant: We saw many interested and dedicated young people bringing up some good initiatives. Every idea can become an actual successful project after adaptation by our experts. This is exactly how the platform can help them, specifically, we unite young participants and the expert community and create the environment for their fruitful communication,” Aleksey Shipov, Member of the Board of ACIG and Managing Director of the Sustainable Future of Russia platform, says.