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Effectiveness of State and Municipal Government Discussed in Astrakhan

The panel session "Practice effectiveness of state and municipal government" opened on October 13th, the second day of the International Investment Forum Southern Dialogue, at the Big Administration Hall in Astrakhan. The discussion was attended by representatives of local governments and municipalities of the Southern Federal District, the North Caucasus Federal District, countries of the Caspian region, as well as experts in the fields of economics and management.

Board Member at ACIG Group of Companies, Head of Change Management Practice, and the Department for “Public Sector” at Alliance Consulting, Alexey Shipov acted as a moderator of the discussion. According to him, such platforms are a great opportunity for a dialogue with representatives in various fields of activity. "We can discuss theoretical ideas and practical experience, single out the very best of them that are used today or offered as initiatives,” he underlined.

Session participants are focused on the identification of effective methods and practices of the municipal development, as well as productive models to implement the process and develop unique approaches for the diagnosis of the control system. During the open dialogue, experts showed various visions of the process. However, they agreed that a systematic approach and a clear ultimate goal will be the key points for the successful implementation of management practices.

Oleg Polumordvinov, Head of the Astrakhan Administration, noted: “I support the project management. It is important to understand what results you are going to achieve and work on step by step. The main goal of the city administration is to create favorable environment for living, working and recreation. We are implementing this aim step by step, improving our work daily.” Ilya Sheburakov, the dean of the Department for Assessment and Development of Management Personnel at the Public Administration High School of RANEPA supported Oleg Polumordvinov’s opinion: “It is extremely good when the authorities realize that the control process should be permanent. Not reforms or reorganizations, but adjustments on the daily basis are the necessary tool that allows to implement the main goal – the comprehensive development of the territory.”

The International Municipal Investment Forum Southern Dialogue will last in Astrakhan until October 14th. The meeting on the issue of youth participation in the development of the city and promotion initiatives will become the final work stage of the expert community and municipal governments.