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RANEPA Holds Contest Finals as Part of Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals

Experts of ACIG Group of Companies along with partners from Unilever, SAP, MasterCard and Rostec State Corporation entered the contest’s jury at the finals held as part of the Platform where students and graduates defended their research and development projects.

The authors went through a multistage selection process: in the first stage, 1,200 projects funneled to 40 best ones, which were granted educational programs over 6 months. After completing one of four theme tasks 12 strongest competitors made it to the semi-finals to take the final defense.

ACIG Group of Companies initiated the theme task “Stable Pursuit of Perfection: Implementation of Lean Production in Russia”. The finalists presented original tactics and programs for implementation of lean production methods in different spheres of life. Alexander Portnov suggested a public-private partnership model introducing lean technology for sewage treatment in cities and towns of Russia. The team of Alexander Dyomin, Aleksey Svinov and Kirill Mekhryakov presented to IRZ TEK LLC (subsidiary of Izhevskiy Radiozavod JSC) a scenario of implementation of the lean principles, which would reduce costs and increase profits. Sergey Sutyagin shared an original energy-saving invention in heat treatment of grain, which holds 59 patents. Chairman of the ACIG Supervisory Board Viktor Tolmachev stressed that “lean production is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the Russian market, even though not all foreign models are adaptable for Russian companies, which is why it is critical to develop new programs designed for specific Russian production.”

The projects of the finalists not only focus on contemporary issues, but are notable for ingenuity in achieving goals. The participants who carried out the SAP theme task “Digital Transformation: How the Economy Will Change in 2030” talked about growth prospects of e-banking in Russia. The finalists of the Unilever theme task “Legislative Regulation as an Enabler of Sustainable Business in Russia” revealed secrets to piercing corporate veils of dishonest companies, and reviewed legislation for small farms. Elizaveta Zatsepa, one of the finalists of the theme task “Human Potential as a National Resource and Public Policy Factor of Russia” (RANEPA), presented a project “#открой360” focused to improve cultural and historical literacy of the young generation through design and implementation of quest-games aimed at the study of history. “The attendees not only raised pressing and poignant questions about human potential, but also suggested real ways to unlock it. Their profound analysis revealed new solutions in seemingly thoroughly studied topics,” summed up Dmitry Butashin, Vice Rector of RANEPA.

Each of the experts highly praised the work the finalists performed, highlighting that, from year to year projects become more substantial. Traditionally, the results will be announced at the awards ceremony during the Gaidar Forum on 13 January.

Yet we recall that the Platform for Young Professionals brings together young leaders of Russia, lays down the grounds for their self-realization and generates the succession pool for the country's sustainable development. Among the partners are largest for-profit organizations, public authorities, leading universities and representatives of the expert community. Annually thousands of students and graduates from all over Russia join the Platform. The educational program and work with experts bridge the gap between the level of training of young specialists and expectations of contemporary employers. The platform graduates find it easier to get work; and the Platform partners, to find employees.