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Vladivostok Hosts Youth for Sustainable Future of Russia Session

Practical session of the Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young professionals was held on 16 to 17 April in Far Eastern Federal University. It was organized by ACIG Group of Companies and RANEPA. Students and young entrepreneurs of Primorye region and heads of the authorities for youth affairs from the city and the region became its participants.

Vladivostok has hosted open activities of the platform for the first time. The event started with the presentation of the platform activities by Aleksey Shipov, Member of the Board of ACIG and Managing Director of the platform. He talked about the opportunities and prospects offered by the platform and about the features of the four topics for relevant project activities in 2015.

Students, experts and authorities talked extensively about possible implementation of initiatives in the region and measures to support innovation projects at the roundtable discussion, entitled Business, State, Youth and Synergy for Sustainable Development. The issue of career advancement and lifelong education was one of the major ones at the session. Experts believe that local authorities are actively engaged in creating conditions for inclusive development of the rising generation.

The lecture, entitled Work and Career, and How to Find the Former and to Build the Latter, was held by Irina Kim and Darya Dzevanovskaya, managers of ANCOR Professional holding, after the roundtable discussion. They continued the topic of searching for one’s own professional path.

The session participants split into teams and went on an imagined space flight on the second day and competed with each other in resolving various game-related problems. Simulation game Adventurers is aimed at discovering personal treats and competences of young people, specifically, team work ability, assuming responsibility, setting tasks, and reaching the goals. Statistically, only 30% of teams ‘make it’ to the finish line; however, each participant of the game leaves the room with a unique set of new experience and skills.

Defending projects as one of the stages of the platform activities was part of the agenda on both days. The projects presented to the experts for their appraisal were very extensive. Young people of Vladivostok want to solve the problem of waste recycling; they design the system for radio communications with the International Space Station and engage in building capacities of higher-education institution teachers. It is remarkable that the majority of all projects are aimed at the Primorye region as its youth attend to the life in their small motherland. Valuable recommendations for implementation of their projects were given to all participants. They all received invitations to continue their work on their projects within the platform.