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Vladivostok to Host Youth for Sustainable Future of Russia Session

It is for a reason that Primorye was chosen as the venue for the session as it is one of the largest regional educational centers where international conventions for innovations and modern technologies are held on a regular basis. APEC Business Summit has been held here recently. This year, young leaders of the Far East will participate in one-of-a-kind trainings and educational activities within the platform, and they will get a chance to present their ideas and projects to the expert community.

The agenda of the session is primarily the communication between its participants and experts. It will commence with the roundtable discussion, entitled Business, State, Youth and Synergy for Sustainable Development. The topic of the discussion will be generation Y that is gradually becoming the driver of the economic and social life in Russia. The session participants will exchange their opinions about supporting initiatives of young people and possible career building in the current conditions.

The following people will be special guests of the roundtable discussion:

– Aleksandr Zubritsky, Deputy Director of the Department for Human Capital Management and Development of Labor Force of the Ministry for Development of the Far East

– Aleksandr Kaydanovich, Director of the Department for Youth Affairs in Primorye

– Dmitry Nesterenko, Head of the Directorate for Youth Affairs of Vladivostok Administration

– Mikhail Krivopal, Chair of Primorye Youth Government

– Aleksey Shipov, Member of the Board of ACIG and Managing Director of Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young professionals

– Tatyana Pavilova, Director of the Department for Personnel Consulting in ACIG, Program Director of Sustainable Future of Russia platform for young professionals

Irina Kim and Darya Dzevanovskaya, managers of ANCOR Professional holding, will lecture on looking for one’s professional path. The topic of the lecture will be Work and Career, and How to Find the Former and to Build the Latter, which will be of importance for the majority of the session participants, specifically, graduate students, postgraduate students and young professionals.

Simulation game Adventurers will be held on the second day of the session. The game participants will split into teams, go on an imagined space flight, and try to resolve some complicated managerial and communicational problems while playing this entertainment game.

They will solidify and enrich the knowledge and skills obtained at the session through development, defense and further implementation of their projects.

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