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Young Talents of Russia were Awarded at the Gaidar Forum

Ceremony of awarding the winners of the Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals was held on January 15, 2016, in the framework of the youth program of Gaidar Forum. Organizers of the platform who specified four themes on which the participants were preparing projects and research and development works throughout the year awarded prizes, diplomas and educational grants to the winners. Twelve participants from nine regions of Russia who submitted the best works and received high expert estimates for professional and personal competences were selected in the course of screening and educational events. More than 1500 students and graduates from 44 regions of the country applied for participation in the Platform. The final estimation of works and presentations of the finalists allowed to allocate winning places between young talents.

“This year we started to cooperate with new partners. It is very important that social initiatives which are not profitable, such as Platform, get support of the business sector which is ready to help the young professionals by means of their own resources. While we have such examples and people who care I am sure about the future and its sustainability. I want to thank our partners and experts and wish success to the young professionals!”, Alexey Shipov, Managing Director of Sustainable Future of Russia Platform for Young Professionals and Member of the ACIG Board, said opening the ceremony.

In 2015, the themes were proposed by the organizers (ACIG Group of Companies and RANEPA) and general partners of the Platform (Unilever and the Ministry of Crimean Affairs which later devolved its power on the Russian Ministry for Economic Development).

Victor Tolmachev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ACIG Group of Companies, and Aleksandr Ivlev, Managing Partner for Russia at EY, awarded the first prizes in the category of ACIG Group of Companies “PR Area: Creating and Developing Images and Brands of Russian Regions and Cities”.  

“This topic is urgent as never because now we face the tasks to save what we have and develop it further. It is symbolic that prizes in this category are awarded by EY Company which makes the major efforts from the strategic development and regional operations point of view”, said Victor Tolmachev in his opening address. “Indeed, EY while working with investors carries out a mission of promoting the brand of Russia, Russian regions and cities, trying to make everybody understand how we live, explain that our economy and our country are not closed. We need to tell about it. I am very pleased that young people pay attention to that issue”, Aleksandr Ivlev resumed.

Daria Zhukova (RANEPA’s branch in Kaluga) took the first place for her work “Art-conversion as a factor of social and economic development of municipal entities in the Kaluga Region”. Maria Nagayeva (Vladimir State University) took the second place for her work themed “Formation of the tourist brand of the Vladimir region via the single web portal”. Maria also took an Audience Choice Award, because her post with executive summary of her work got the major support in social networks. Ilya Sadykov and Ivan Meshcheryakov, students from the Stolypin Volga Region Institute of administration, the branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, took the third place.

Vladimir Mau, Rector of RANEPA, and Tatyana Maleva, Director of Institute for Social Analysis and Forecasting of RANEPA, named the winners in the RANEPA’s category dedicated to the role of civil society in the independent estimation of social sphere efficiency. “It is a perfect thesis showing that we want more from you, we will want more from you and wish that you will turn our expectations into reality”, Vladimir Mau said to the finalists of the Platform, “I want to congratulate all the winners, thank the participants and ACIG Group of Companies not only for the support and organization but for a greater contribution - for coming up with the whole idea”.  “As a social and economic development expert, I want to say that we expect twice more from the younger generation. From the demographic point of view, this generation is thin, that is why the young people will have to compensate the numerical reduction with its knowledge, qualification and competence”, Tatyana Maleva said.

Team of three students from Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (Ekaterina Zharova, Olga Dobrynina and Yulia Merkulieva) took the first place in the RANEPA’s category for their work themed “Formation of models of public control in the housing and utility complex as an effective base for development of civil society in Russia”. The second place was shared between Ilya Panadin and Nikita Podkletnev from RANEPA for their work dubbed “Independent performance evaluation of civil society for rendering services by culture organizations”, the third place was given to Ekaterina Dashkova (Baltic State Technical University "VOENMEH" named after D.F. Ustinov) for her work “Smart Platform”.

In 2015, Unilever’s category was dedicated to changes of consumer culture in Russia and transfer to the concept of stable consumption. Winners were awarded by Irina Antyushina, Manager for sustainable development programs, charity and funds of Unilever in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and Inara Gerikhanova, Leader of the group for staff recruitment and training. 

Opening the ceremony of awarding, Irina Antyushina said, “For the fifth year, together with the platform we work with young people, propose new themes, welcome new ideas. It is a useful experience for us. We promote topics important from the Unilever’s point of view. Communication with students allows us to receive that fresh perspective which we are usually lack of”. 

Margarita Prokhodskaya, student of Siberian Federal University, was awarded the first prize for the work themed “Modeling of young people customer behavior through formation of professional competences in the higher education system”. Anna Rozhnova from Volgograd Branch of RAPEPA was awarded the second place for her work in which she considered aspects of influence of ecologization on population consumer culture. The third place was awarded to David Gevorgyan (V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University) and his research dedicated to marketing as a tool for formatting eco-friendly customer behavior.

The theme specified by the Ministry of Crimean Affairs in the beginning of the year is related to the elaboration of the concept of Crimean Federal District development. Alexander Plakida, Member of the ACIG Board, announced the winners.

“As a native of Crimea, I am pleased to remark that despite all the difficulties a lot of works were dedicated to that theme and really good ones. We want to thank participants and experts who were helping students to develop and improve their works over the year”, Alexander Plakida said.

The first place in the Unilever’s category was given to Konstantin Khudyakov, student of the State University of Management, who proposed to use econometric analysis for determining the key branches of economy in the Crimea which have influence on the regional balance budget.

The Konstantin's journey to the victory may be called the Platform’s success. As a result of the joint work of experts from the Ministry for Economic Development and the participant the latter was proposed a further cooperation.

Prizes and educational grants for the second place were awarded to Yuri Krasnov, student of two universities -  Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and Russian State Social University. In his work he made proposals on practical cooperation between business and state sectors in the process of economic development of the Crimea. The third place was awarded to Ruslan Makarov from V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University who submitted a project on creating historical theme parks in the Crimea. At the close of the ceremony, the organizers and partners announced the Platform’s themes for 2016.

The ACIG’s theme “Sustainable commitment to excellence: implementation of the concept of lean production in Russia” was presented by Victor Tolmachev, “A common phrase that economy must be economical is relevant nowadays. Today, thrift should be considered as a synonym of husbandry and not as a synonym of greed. There are a lot of models of lean production like Japanese or American; some models are applied only locally, some of them get more support, but the recipe is universal: lean production is possible only when people consider environment as their home where they want to live for a long time”.

The RANEPA’s theme “Human potential as a national resource and a factor of the Russian state policy” was announced by Dmitry Butashin, “Crisis is a potential, a possibility. We will develop thanks to the human potential because this resource does not get cheaper as opposed to oil”.

Irina Antyushina announced the Unilever’s theme “Legislative regulation as a factor of formation of stable business in Russia”. She said, “We propose an open theme: as a subject of your research you are free to choose any region or district and analyze it from the point of view of environmental law, State All-Union standards, and food production standards. You also may compare the Russian legislation with the other countries’ experience.

So, the cards are on the table. We congratulate the winners, thank the experts, partners and all the participants. And please be informed that the registration for participation at the Platform 2016 is opened on the website

To register as a participant of the Platform 2016 follow the link (link to registration).