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A working meeting of the Administration of the Chuvash Republic and the ACIG representatives takes place

On August 7, 2012, the meeting of the ACIG representatives and the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic – Minister of Agriculture Sergei Pavlov – took place.

At the meeting the prospects for future development of agriculture in the Chuvash Republic were discussed, the key challenges for private farms were identified and the ways for their solution were proposed.

The Minister of Agriculture Sergei Pavlov noted that supporting agriculture-oriented projects is one of the priority tasks for the regional Government: the farms of “Poretskoye AGRO” established a good reputation in the market and are well known in the Chuvash Republic”.

ACIG owns and manages the assets concentrated in several business sectors: consulting, engineering and energy efficiency, publishing, development and agriculture.

The ACIG agricultural business is represented by the project “Poretskoye AGRO”. The company successfully implements the project of agricultural production development on the territory of the Chuvash Republic. The priority areas of “Poretskoye AGRO” are vegetable and grain growing and animal husbandry.

“Poretskoye AGRO” takes an active part in the State Program “Agricultural Development and Regulation of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food Markets for 2008-2012” dated July 14, 2007, which prioritizes establishing conditions for sustainable development of rural areas and accelerating growth of the agricultural production volumes based on the increased competitiveness.