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ACIG Group of Companies’ team of business coaches holds a series of workshops for the participants of the second Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

On July 17, Day 0 of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy, business coaches of the ACIG Group of Companies, which jointly with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the Republic of Tatarstan is the Campus organizer, held a series of workshops.

Experienced business coaches Konstantin Baransky, Viktoria Zavadski, Viktor Yurtaev, Evgenia Sergeeva, Yaroslav Bunyak and Sergei Tkachev, guided by Deputy Director of HR Consulting Department of the ACIG Group of Companies Tatyana Pavilova, conducted the trainings “Effective Presentation” and “Team Work”. The topics of the workshops were preconditioned by the tasks of cooperation in a team and development of future projects set to the Summer Campus participants.

“The trainings are the Campus first educational events, therefore, first of all it was important to make workshops team-building and enable participants to assess their professional capacity, get acquainted with each other and find common mechanisms of cooperation. A task which is no less important is to provide participants with the skills which would help them in their further work at the Campus and in revealing their strong points”, the ACIG expert Tatyana Pavilova noted.

At the training “Effective Presentation” the experts told the participants about the rules of positioning and attracting the audience’s attention. The second thematic block of the training program was devoted to strengthening cooperation skills in decision making.

ACIG business coaches have an extensive experience in working with young people and students – the most dynamic and thankful audience, however, requiring careful approach. Very high requirements to the coaches’ professional qualification were put forward when the specialists were selected for this project, their record of previous successful projects was also taken into account”, the expert noted.

ACIG Group of Companies actively facilitates development of the Russian society, implements initiatives towards sustainable development of regions and companies. In partnership with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, ACIG Group of Companies is engaged in a series of large-scale social projects and is the organizer of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy and the contest “Sustainable Future of Russia”.


The knowledge the participants acquire at author’s workshops will help them in further development of collective ideas and will serve as a solid base for high-quality presentation of student projects to the key representatives of state authorities.