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ACIG Group of Companies to act as a co-organizer of the expert round table “Efficient Health Care: What does Russian Health Care System Need Besides Money?” held within the framework of the Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: Challenges of Integration”

Expert Round Table “Efficient Health Care: What does Russian Health Care System Need Besides Money” will take place on January 18, 2012. Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration is organizer of the event. ACIG, as one of the co-organizers, will actively participate in the program of the expert round table.

The key topics for the discussion will be as follows:

  • consumers and suppliers of medical services: convergence orientation;
  • how to increase health care effectiveness?
  • government-Business Partnership: how to achieve a balance of interests?
  • national health condition as a criterion of the country economic development;
  • how improving treatment results in Russia can lead to the release of financial resources.

Aleksandr Auzan, Dean of the Economic Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, will act as a moderator of the expert round table. Representatives of the public organizations, medical institutions and the leading health care experts will participate in the discussion.

This expert round table will be one of the events held on the basis of the discussion platform “Efficient Health Care: What does Russian Health Care System Need Besides Money”, where optimal ways of addressing the problems of national health care with account of international experience will be discussed by the leading medical  experts of public and private companies. 

The Gaidar Forum is a permanent discussion platform and a meeting place of the experts, influencing economic and political development. It is a key venue to discuss ideas and approaches to understanding the global processes taking place in Russia and the world at large. The Gaidar forum includes events of different format and scale, the largest of which id the annual international conference “Russia and the World”.