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ACIG expert makes a report within the framework of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

Public Sector practice Aleksey Shipov conducted a master class on “New Management Methods” for the participants of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy, organized by ACIG, RANEPA and the Republic of Tatarstan.

During his master class, Aleksey Shipov presented approaches aimed at increasing efficiency in public and private sectors using the case studies. In particular in his report, the Head of the ACIG  Public Sector practice focused on the following issues: strategy operationalization, management based on the performance indicators, program and special-purpose approach, as well as organizational changes.

“Efficient solution for all the problems is possible only if the causes of these problems are eliminated. Combating aftermath may have a short-term positive effect, but will never lead to the required result. In medical terms, one should treat the disease, not the symptoms. This principle together with the knowledge of economic laws, management technologies, and organizational psychology, will allow future managers to solve any tasks effectively and lead our country, its regions, cities and separate organizations towards sustainable future in a skillful manner”.