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ACIG is responsible for organizational issues at the international conference “Efficient Health Care: Innovation-Based Development”

On October 30, 2012, the international conference “Efficient Health Care: Innovation-Based Development” will be held. The organizers of the event are: Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Ernst & Young. Alliance Consulting Investment Group (ACIG) is responsible for organizational issues.

The conference is aimed at finding the best solutions for the problems in the domestic health care system considering the existing international experience. The key topics of the Discussion Forum are analyzing new models for developing an efficient health care system, discussing innovative management technologies, including the problems of sanitary aviation on the territory of the Russian Federation, and  increasing the efficiency of budget funds spending in the health care system.

The session “Modern Management Models in the Health Care System” will focus on budget issues in health care reform aimed at more effective use of budget funds to improve the availability and quality of medical services.

There will be a discussion of best practices in implementing Federal Law 83-FZ in regions and agencies as well as a review of modern management models for multi-profile medical institutions, including the use of corporate information systems.

The session “Use of Modern Technologies and Innovations in the Russian Health Care System” will focus on the chief advantages – social, economic and demographic – that could be gained by using modern technologies and innovations in the Russian health care system. The main obstacles, both inside and outside the health care system, will also be reviewed. As a result of the session, key factors influencing the implementation of innovations will be identified and specific recommendations formulated.

During the session “The Golden Hour of Transportation”, the issues of revival of the Russian sanitary aviation, as one of the main challenges for the availability and quality of medical aid, will be covered. The discussion will focus on the development of this area considering the experience of the similar services in the USA and Europe. The capacities of modern helicopters with innovative medical equipment, necessary for transporting difficult and bad patients, will also be demonstrated.

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