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ACIG joins Eurasian Business Council

On September 5, 2012, ACIG officially joined the Eurasian Business Council at the meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Non-Profit Partnership for Promotion of Trade and Economic Cooperation. The decision on the subject was made unanimously by the members of the Coordinating Council of the Non-Profit Partnership Eurasian Business Council.

During the official meeting between the Chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Non-Eurasian Business Council Oleg  Soskovets and the Chairman of the ACIG Supervisory Board Victor  Tolmachev, the parties achieved an agreement on the scale of cooperation in the EurAsEC area.

Alongside with the systemic work underway within the framework of cooperation with RPANEPA, AIRR and ICIE, for ACIG joining the Eurasian Business Council is an important step aimed at the realization of a complex strategic program directed at promoting Russia’s sustainable development and integration processes, in which our country is involved.

Eurasian Business Council, established in September 2008, is a non-profit partnership destined to facilitate the involvement of business in the integration processes within the EurAsEC.

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