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ACIG participates in the National Forum “Public Service in Russia: Human Capital Development and Management”

On November 01-02, 2012, the National Forum “Public Service in Russia: Human Capital Development and Management” aimed at the expertise of problems and proposals regarding improving the Russian public service system took place in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Chairman of the ACIG’s supervisory board Victor Tolmachev participated in the Forum.

This event united the following top experts within the walls of the Academy: representatives of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Apparatus of the Government of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance, World Bank, OECD, Open Government Commission, Bodies of Public Authority of the subjects of the Russian Federation, Public Service Agencies of foreign countries, business corporations and state companies, Russian consulting and personnel agencies, leading Russian scientific and educational institutions and other organizations.

Business periodical “Strategy”, published by the ACIG, provided information support of the Forum.  

In the course of the discussion, the participants discussed key implementation mechanisms of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation as of May 07, 2012 No. 601 “On the main directions of improving state administration system”. Strategic priorities and challenges of building modern management system of the Russian public service’s human capital were determined at the Forum.   

ACIG supports holding of the Forum as it shares the view that in the conditions of growing global competitiveness for resources, our country faces the challenge of enhancing effectiveness of some state institutions and public service system in general. ACIG Public sector Practice functions successfully, as its experts design strategies of sustainable development of regions, implement projects of enhancing public authority bodies’ effectiveness and developing personnel potential in public sector; they suggest initiatives aimed at improving quality and availability of public service.  

Victor Tolmachev participated in the session “National Elites and Public Service”. Within the framework of the discussion, the experts compared Russian and foreign experience in forming elites, chalked out the steps for preparing the reserve of managerial personnel as one of the elite reproduction mechanisms and discussed modern institutions and elite forming mechanisms.

According to Viktor Tolmachev, development of the youth personnel potential is a guarantee of forming national managerial elites: “Supporting talented young people today is a prerequisite of Russia’s prosperity tomorrow. Personnel potential development of the younger generation is to become a priority of the social responsibility programs all over the country. Business community in tandem with the State can provide a powerful incentive to the human capital development”.

Understanding the high importance of such initiatives, ACIG and the Academy hold an Annual All-Russian Competition of Research and Project Works of Students and Post-Graduates “Sustainable Future for Russia”. Supporting initiatives of students, who are soon to become the national elite and create future of our country, is one of the ACIG’s strategic goals.