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ACIG took part in the annual Forum “People Investor”

On November 28, the annual Forum “People Investor” took place at the Renaissance Hotel. Executive Director of the Managers’ Association Sergei Litovchenko, President of the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN) Danica Purg, Workforce Director at Sochi 2014 Organization Committee Marina Pochinok and the representatives of the ACIG HR Department Olga Vodyanova and Tatyana Pavilova took part in this Forum, as well as the other leading experts.

The Forum provides an annual platform for the presentation of best practices, discussion of the most urgent topics and awarding of the winners of the People Investor Award.

According to the experts of the ACIG HR Department, this Forum allowed participants from different companies to share their experience and advantages from promising social initiatives. One of such projects is the All-Russia Competition “Sustainable Development of Russia” which was established in 2011 by ACIG and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The key goal of the competition is to provide comprehensive support for young professionals oriented to Russia’s sustainable development. The concept of sustainable development underlies many economies including Russia’s economy, therefore, the task of strengthening an innovation and social-oriented culture and developing a manpower training system becomes even more important. The main areas of state and business investment are increasing life quality, developing professional competences, as well as strengthening the faith of the young people in their effective self-realization. The competition “Sustainable Development of Russia” is a joint project of private and public sectors in the field of development of youth innovation activity in Russia.

The following questions raised a lively debate: “Business votes with a ruble. Social responsibility: fashion or a need?” аnd “How to protect a social project if it doesn’t brings and financial profit to the company?” Discussing these issues, the participants identified and commented the challenges caused by the need to invest in corporate and external social projects.

The trends, which could be traced in the course of the discussions, help identify the global course of HR management development. According to the ACIG HR Department Director Olga Vodyanova, such projects help generate public opinion on the role of business society: “They represent a source of advanced ideas, an illustration of management solutions and proposals on how to improve the company’s image and goodwill both inside and outside the company…”

The expert of the ACIG HR Department Director Tatyana Pavilova noted that the projects are becoming more human-oriented. “Earlier, such events focused on material incentives and business processes which have a direct impact on profit (for example, sales stimulation, advanced management training). Today, employers understand that basic values, as well as employees’ satisfaction, involvement and creativity can and should be converted to a company’s real profit. These investments, if planned and calculated thoroughly, have a longer effect and are beneficial for both employers and employees.”