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ACIG won the tender for a comprehensive energy inspection of the uranium-mining enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan

ACIG Group of Companies was declared a winner in the competition for selecting an organization to perform a comprehensive energy inspection of uranium-mining enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The project entails direct work with engineering and technology infrastructure and Customers’ staff at uranium mines, which are notable for their considerable remoteness from populated areas, highly autonomous operation and substantial climatic fluctuations.

The goal of the project is to ensure conditions suitable conditions and implement the practice of regular analysis of energy efficiency and efficient decision-making in energy management as well as to establish and implement a set of economically and technically reasonable measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency of systems, processes, objects and equipment and minimizing costs of energy and energy resources.

During the project the following works will be carried out at each mine:

  • Energy and technology inspection
  • Developing comprehensive long-term programs to save energy and increase energy efficiency
  • Developing programs to introduce alternative and renewable sources of energy at mines
  • Supporting implementation of organizational and technical measures.

This project will be implemented by the ACIG Energy Consulting Department.