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"Business Duel of the Presidential Academy Students"

On December 9, 2013, the project "Business Duel of the Presidential Academy Students" started. The main aim of the project is to attract potential employers and demonstrate professional and personal potential of the RANEPA’s students.

Deputy Director of the HR Consulting Department of the ACIG Group of Companies Tatyana Pavilova acts as moderator, business coordinator and presenter of the "Business Duels". 

Business Duels are aimed at development and assessment of the students’ skills required for orientation in real business cases, search of solutions in different fields: marketing, micro- and macroeconomics, HR management etc. Besides, these games enable employers assess students’ potential. Besides, it allows students demonstrate their knowledge, teamwork, presentation and persuasion skills.

The teams from 32 Academy’s branches and the Moscow Campus take part in the event.

A series of games will be held from December 2013 to April 2014 and consists of several stages:

  1. 8 quarter-finals.
  2. 4 semi-finals.
  3. Game for the 3rd place.
  4. Final.
  5. Superfinal. In this game the best student team will throw down a challenge to the team of managers from the leading Russian and international companies.

The tasks for the participants are getting more and more complicated with each stage.

At all stages the participants’ performance will be assessed by the representatives of the employers.

In the first quarter-finals which took place on December 9, 2013, the participants had to imagine themselves as managers of publishing business. The teams were offered to make a project of the most effective organizational structure of a publishing house based on the situation created by a moderator, make up recommendations how to overcome resistance of the company’s staff and develop key ways of obtaining competitive advantages.

The teams were given two hours to solve the task and prepare reports after which they presented their solutions to the experts and jury.

Among the jury of the first quarter-final were Anastasia Andreichuk, consultant of the ACIG Management Consulting Department, Irina Kartoshkina – consultant of the ACIG HR Consulting Department and Anna Davydova, Deputy Director of the "InCube" Business Incubator. All experts noted high level of preparation of the students from the Academy’s branches, innovative and bold ideas. Participants from all teams showed themselves as promising managers able to react to the changes on the market promptly and intelligently.

Following the business game the most creative and active participants will be offered to pass a selection process at the leading Russian and international companies with the perspective of employment, while companies operating in various fields will find time for business duels of talented and promising employees.