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Member of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies Alexey Shipov delivered a lecture at the Autumn Campus

On November 13 Member of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies Alexey Shipov together with the Head of the Department of Corporate Psychology Inga Belyaeva held a seminar on the role of corporate culture and management culture in establishing successful business as part of the Autumn Campus of the Presidential Academy.

"Apart from technological changes we need cultural changes. A company’s success depends to a large extent on people who work there," Alexey Shipov noted. The expert told the students of the Autumn Campus about the aspects of corporate culture ensuring the company’s outstanding performance. During his speech Mr. Shipov presented a number of examples of consulting projects implemented by the experts of the ACIG Group of Companies at public and private sector organizations. Inga Belyaeva told about the key elements of corporate culture, as well as about their balance in the companies’ activities. In his turn, Alexey Shipov underlined that proper identification of the company’s basic values is of a considerable importance for successful development of business, he also told the Campus participants about the method of measuring parameters of corporate culture.

ACIG experts held a workshop in the form of a game: the Autumn Campus participants acted as job-seekers and employers, and then analyzed their actions and identified whether they had this or that type of corporate culture.

"Each Campus participant develops a project which can be transformed into particular business. The foundation that is laid into a business idea will later guarantee the company’s success. However, effective leaders should understand nothing is permanent and to become more successful they would probably have to change their own perception of the environment. Only the best reach the peak in their field. The examples which we provided at the lecture show that without structural transformations a company is likely to fail, at the same time, changing a company’s basics – its culture – is much more difficult than, say, developing a new structure," Mr. Shipov noted.

ACIG Group of Companies acts as a co-organizer of the events of the platform "Presidential Academy Campus". At the Autumn Campus Alexey Shipov heads the Department of Innovative Entrepreneurship.