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Member of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies Yuri Fedyukin delivers his report at the Autumn Campus

As part of the educational program of the Department of Innovative Entrepreneurship at the Presidential Academy Autumn Campus, the Member of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies delivered a lecture to the students on the choice of a tax policy for a company and optimization of taxation. In particular, the expert told about the main forms of a company’s expansion: branches and affiliates, as well as on the benefits of each type depending on the type of business.

"In the markets with a single product distribution system it is easier and more profitable to open branches in different regions to have consolidated access to the distribution system and transportation throughout the country," Yuri Fedyukin said.

In his speech the expert highlighted the perspectives for a company’s affiliated structure. "An accurately established system of tax planning allows not only saving finds, but rather reducing tax risks and protecting the segment of business which is lucrative and provides enough resources to address the existing problems," Yuri Fedyukin underlined. In his lecture the expert presented examples from the practice of tax disputes of national enterprises and international companies operating in the Russian market.

"These are vivid and telling cases for the Campus students to understand what to expect when they decide to engage in entrepreneurship, in other words, what they should be ready for and what they should pay attention to," Mr. Fedyukin noted.