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Expert of the ACIG Group of Companies Anna Makarova delivers a lecture to the students of the Autumn Campus

On the fourth day of the Autumn Campus the Project Manager of the Department of HR Consulting of the ACIG Group of Companies Anna Makarova delivered a lecture on financial management.

The expert told the students about the metrics used for assessment of a project’s investment attractiveness, calculation of a discounting rate and the methods for calculating return on capital of a potential investor and the cost of borrowed capital. Anna Makarova outlined the importance of forming several alternative financial models and stimulating each of them with the Monte Carlo method.

"Your goal is to understand how good and how bad a project can be and what its development scenario is, identify the most likely outcome," she underlined. Ms Makarova also gave several examples from various economic sectors noting that the project’s success depends, among other things, on the level of volatility of the market the project is launched into.

"The lecture focused on the practical aspect as the Autumn Campus audience consists of both students and young entrepreneurs. Therefore, they have different level of knowledge and experience in attracting investments and financial management. We need to provide them with effective tools within the framework of this educational campus," Anna Makarova noted.