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From the beginning of the next year the departments are to provide information on drafts underway on a special website.

Information on the documents devised by officials will become public from the beginning of the next year. In his first decree after the inauguration, Vladimir Putin commissioned to establish a system that would enable the ideas of the Government of the Russian Federation to become public already at the stage of preparation of a draft.

“The system will start working already in the next year. At first, information will be placed on a special website in the pilot mode, and starting from April 15, it will become obligatory,” reported Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev.

According to him, about 15 thousand regulatory acts are adopted every year in Russia, but there are no unified requirements for posting of the documents. “They are posted on the websites of the authorities and quite often it is difficult to trace them. All the more so it is a difficult task for the business and the public, who fail to understand who and where devises what,” remarked Oleg Fomichev.

It is planned that at the first stage notifications about the drafts of the documents underway will be posted. Experts will be given not less than 15 days for the consideration, and in case of some documents – not less than 60 days. Then, depending on the observations made, the draft of the document itself will be devised and then posted on the portal.

Experts of the ACIG Public Sector practice believe that public discussion of the future drafts enables their concurrence with all interested parties. Implementation of the mechanism for the discussion of the drafts underway will raise transparency of the public bodies’ activity and increase the level of trust to the authorities on the part of the business and the people in general.

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