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"Medicine of the Future" – a new issue of Strategy Journal

As part of its media business, ACIG Group of Companies has launched a new issue of its electronic periodical Strategy Journal (Special issue (13), November 2013).

This special issue of the periodical is dedicated to creating an effective system for provision of medical services.

The topics of the new issue of the Strategy Journal include prospects of for harmonious development and progressive transition of domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers to the GMP standards, search for optimum models for constructing a balanced health insurance system in Russia, role of the patient-specific medicine and genetic passport technologies.

The issue also covers long-term programs, initiated by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, which envisage adopting new laws and by-laws aimed at the sector’s reforming. They include the Strategy of medical science development in Russia till 2025, Federal Law No. 61 "On circulation of medicines" and several others.

Among the experts of the periodical are Oleg Kulikov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Health Protection, Igor Baranovsky, Head of the Professional Risk Insurance Department of the Fund of Social Insurance of the Russian Federation, Sofya Malakho, Senior Research Fellow of the Innovative Technological Centre "Biologically Active Entities and their Application”, Viktor Dmitriev, General Director, Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and Oleg Astafurov, Executive Director of the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations.

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