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Member of the ACIG Board Alexey Shipov takes part in the strategic session "New Contours of the Tomsk Region Strategic Development"

The strategic session "New Contours of the Tomsk Region Strategic Development" took place on November 2, 2013, at the Business Center of the Tomsk region Administration. The federal and regional experts, representatives of authorities, universities and businesses took part in the event. Member of the Board of the ACIG Group of Companies Alexey Shipov acted as moderator of the working group "Innovative business".

The main topics discussed were the update and the new content of the project "INO Tomsk 2020".

"Today our region faces serious challenges", Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region for economy Andrei Antonov said opening the session. "We need to transform the economic structure, find new sources of finance and a growth point. As for innovations, we need to reorient from supply to demand and cooperation with major players. At this new stage, to implement the concept of "INO Tomsk 2020" we need a clear understanding of the challenges, proposals for their solution and specific projects".

At the strategic session each working group discussed development factors for priority sectors – the drivers of the Tomsk region development – and elaborated recommendations for update of the region’s strategic vision based on these factors.

As the result of the strategic session structural proposals were developed and common tasks for the update of the project "INO Tomsk 2020" were set.

The concept of the "INO Tomsk 2020" project was approved and adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation on October 6, 2011. According to the concept, the Center for Global Education, Research and Development will be launched in Tomsk by 2020.