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Member of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies Aleksei Shipov presents a report at the second Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

On July 24 Aleksei Shipov, Member of the Board of ACIG Group of Companies, delivered a workshop “Psychological Aspects of Corporate Efficiency” within the framework of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy organized by ACIG Group of Companies together with the RANEPA and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Having told the Summer Campus participants about the instruments of corporate psychology underlying successful management of changes Aleksei Shipov paid special attention to the practice of their application. His speech was based on the real experience of consulting projects implemented by the ACIG experts for public and private sectors. The keynote idea of his speech was the idea that corporate efficiency of each company is based on motivated, loyal employees, ready for changes.  

“People are the determining factor influencing the company’s efficiency in no less than 80% situations. If the guys don’t understand that and are guided by general theoretic managerial tools, they will never be able to achieve their goals. Let me give you an example: two companies exist within the same industry, in the same market. Everything works effectively in the first one while in the second one the same tools don’t work at all. Why? It’s human factor, psychological aspects – people are neither a mechanism, nor equipment. A mechanism can work with the same effectiveness, people are another story. And this should be kept in mind”, Aleksei Shipov noted.