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The practical session "Youth for Sustainable Future" takes place at the Young Scientists' Forum U-NOVUS in Tomsk

On April 3-4, 2014, the practical session "Youth for Sustainable Future" will took place within the framework of the first All-Russian Forum of Young Scientists U-NOVUS in Tomsk. The moderator of event was Elena Ivanova, Head of External Social Programs of the Public Sector Practice of ACIG.

Aleksei Shipov, Board member of ACIG Group of Companies and Director of the Contest of Research and Project Works of Students and Post-Graduates "Young Professionals for Sustainable Future of Russia", presented the concept of the country’s sustainable development and told about opportunities granted by the Contest. "Sustainable Future of Russia can be provided by sustainable employers who invest in the development of our country, support the social sector and care about the environment. And they need sustainable workers - young people who share the values ​​of sustainable development. The initiatives of the platform "Sustainable Future of Russia" are aimed at addressing this problem - forming a generation of young professionals interested in strengthening our country," said Aleksei Shipov. He also stressed that it is important for the Contest participants not only to present the nature and prospects of their ideas and projects, but also to talk about their personal motives and value navigators.

"The Contest makes a great creative platform for students - the future leaders who seek to find solutions to the most pressing global problems. Create a better future for humanity in this world, in the way we want it to be – is it not the goal to direct our energy, innovation and creativity to? We are proud to work with RANEPA and ACIG - organizations that are committed to providing opportunities for young people to realize their hopes and build the future they deserve," said Irina Bakhtina, Director Corporate Affairs at Unilever Russia, the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Israel. In 2014, Unilever introduced to the contest the topic "Implementation of the sustainable development principles to the agricultural sector: economic models and contribution to food security of the Russian Federation".

"The Contest "Young Professionals for the Sustainable Future of Russia" is very important today. The projects submitted later receive further development and support, they are often successfully implemented," said Anton Chuklin, Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia. "AIRR is one of the organizers of the TekhSuccess rating. Your projects can be very interesting for the participants of the rating," he added, addressing to the students and graduates of Tomsk universities.

Andrei Komarov, Director of the Center for Knowledge Economy of the Institute of Applied Economic Research of the RANEPA, said that the gross domestic product (GDP) is not the best indicator for monitoring the socio-economic progress. "We need a transition to a fundamentally different paradigm. This is a very difficult task. And it is the task of your generation," said the expert. He also advised the participants to focus on finding the tools to assess the level of happiness of a person as a breakthrough direction within the framework of the measurable economy.

Another of the Contest topics, "Tourism development in the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol", was submitted by the General Partner of the Contest - the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Aleksei Shipov, in turn, spoke about the topic "Talent management: how to recognize, attract and retain the best of the best," submitted by ACIG Group of Companies. "The important components of a talented specialist are leadership qualities and value navigators. It is natural to love your home country and one should not be afraid to talk openly about it. Exert maximum effort so that our Russia becomes better," he said.

Within the framework of the second part of the session, the regional selection tour of the Contest "Young Professionals for the Sustainable Future of Russia", which included presentations of ideas and projects for each of the topics and panel discussions, took place. The participants presented their ideas on issues in regard to training the specialists for the electric power industry, development of energy-efficient designs for agricultural machinery and infrastructure, ensuring the integrity of the energy companies. The practical session with individual consultations given by the experts of the Contest gave the children recommendations to enhance their projects.

The deadline for submitting the participation applications is May 31, 2014. The selection results will be published on the official website of the global platform "Sustainable future of Russia".

The organizers of the Contest of Research and Project Works of Students and Post-Graduates "Young Professionals for Sustainable Future of Russia" are ACIG Group of Companies and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Unilever is the General Partner of the Contest; the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia is a partner of the Contest.